Upstream Informatics LLC

The Problem: Did you know, a recent international study ranked the United States (US) as the top annual spender in healthcare related costs at $10,000 per capita [1].  Yet, the US came in the lowest ranking industrialized nation for life expectancy. Equally as concerning, the US life expectancy rate has decreased for the second consecutive year by 2.6 years since 2020, the first decline our nation has seen since 1923 [2]. The disparity between high spending and declining life expectancy highlights the need to reconsider preventative health services not currently covered through insurance. Expanding insurance coverage to include preventative could likely reverse this disparity, through improving short and long term physical and behavioral health benefits as relevant social impacts. 

The Upstream Informatics Solution: Our team supports organizations taking on a critical new wave of upstream & preventative healthcare legislation. The type of legislation our team support focuses on decreasing the current cost of healthcare at both the patient and system level. Our publications have supported of the following 2023 State Legislative Session State bills with a 100% success bill passing rate:

Services: Our team strives to support your advocacy group through navigating your local available payor data sources and previous applicable literature to generate fiscal and social impact reports to identify current gaps in upstream healthcare coverage. See our Publicized Works page for a list of our prior products published and utilized in the above mentioned legislative bills. 

Our Clients: Our current and previous client base includes the following entities.

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