Our Team

Shaneis Malouff, CO, MS

Founder & Chief Analyst

Board Certified Provider, Public Health Advocate

Shaneis Malouff is a proud Colorado native and the oldest of five siblings. She earned her BA in Allied Health from Metropolitan State University and her MS in Allied Health from Loma Linda University. Following her two year clinical residency, Shaneis specialized in pediatric care in southern Colorado after obtaining her American Board Certification in the field.

In 2018, Shaneis transitioned to a role in hospital administration and leadership at Vail Health. During the pandemic, she played a crucial part in the COVID Incident Command Team, ensuring the Eagle County held equitable access to care, enhancing registration systems, and supervising clinical operations for both inpatient and outpatient COVID services. These accomplishments were later published in a scholarly article co-authored by Shaneis and her colleagues due to the success of their operations.

Expanding on Vail Health's revamped systems, Shaneis and her teams began to provide new services for Eagle County, all still operational today: Eagle County's first Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE), Forensic Nurse Examiner (FNE) program, and Eagle County's Community Health program (offering free preventative health visits and medicaid enrollement services to thousands of uninsured residents on mobile units).

After transitioning from Vail Health to her leadership role in within the public sector at CDPHE, Shaneis implemented the Disease Control and Public Health Response Division's first ever Project Managment Office. During this time, she oversaw the development and implementation of the Division's first multi year strategic plan and dashboarding system. 

Outside of her state role, she was invited to lead the fiscal and social impact reporting for a citizen-led bill in the 2023 CO Legislative Session, House Bill 23-1136. Her contributions were instrumental in the successful passage of HB23-1136 (unanimous through the house and senate committees), and success of similar bills referencing her work in IL, NM, and AR. Further details about this work can be found in the recent publication in Amplitude Magazine.

Joaquin Dominguez, MS, MA

Joaquin joins Upstream Informatics with an MA in Government Extension Studies from Harvard University and a MS in Data Science from Southern Methodist University. He earned his BS degree in Psychology/Neuroscience from Colorado State University.

Joaquin’s analytical expertise stems from his experience in working with datasets to enhance clinical outcomes. Specifically, his Capstone thesis published in the SMU Data Science Journal Review was titled ‘The Role of Machine Learning in Improving the Functionality of Lower Limb Prostheses,’ and focused on creating a neural network model to classify gaits for lower-limb prosthetic devices. Since graduating from SMU, Joaquin has worked as a Data Scientist for multiple organizations focusing on Data Analytics, Data Engineering, and Predictive modeling.

Joaquin’s background in Government complements his analytical expertise by providing foundational domain knowledge with respect to the intricate workings of government structures, policy formulation, and the broader socio-political landscape in which those policies are implemented.